West Volleyball Struggles Against La Canada in CIF

Nicole Rivera, Entertainment Editor

West High’s boys varsity volleyball team played in the CIF tournament at La Canada High School Tuesday afternoon. Although our Warriors faced another loss, they played their best and learn from their mistakes.


Juan Ortiz (12) shared that the team does really well with “having fun when playing games.” However having a good time doesn’t always secure a win. Ortiz admits that “when [the team] is down points, [they] shouldn’t let it get to [their] heads.” It’s clear that our Warriors put a lot of work and determination into playing a game that they’re not only proud of, but also enjoying playing.


Noah Carrol (11) is disappointed about the loss but reveals that he and Bennet Nixt (10) “helped a lot with blocking really tall and more experienced players.” The team won the first set but sadly lost another three sets in a row leaving the final score at 1-3.


Coach Cararvella is proud of his team despite the minor loss. He thinks that although they need to improve on things like “passing more than anything else,” he feels that as a team, they “block really well…and have become smarter offensively.” One loss isn’t a setback; it just helps point out areas that need a bit more work.

When asked about the future for the team, Caravella said that he expects them to only get “better and better. The expectation is a bright future because [they] were really young this year and grew a ton.” The Warriors put up a hard fight during this past CIF game and there’s only more room to grow and improve for the next time boys varsity volleyball steps on the court.