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2017-2018 Staff

Sanskriti Adigal

Staff Writer

Sanskriti is a Sophomore here at West. It is her first year on the Smoke Signals writing staff. Sanskriti is also an active member of campus, being a part of CSF, FBLA, Cross Country, and Interact. ...

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Anoushka Gupta

Staff Writer

Anoushka is a first-year member of Journalism.  She is also a part of Academic Decathlon and UNICEF.  Her passions are Broadway, horror novels, and extremely morbid facts.

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Jamie Park

Staff Writer

Jamie is a Senior at West High. She is a staff writer for Smoke Signals. She is obsessed with the color pink, enjoys listening to music, going to the beach, making friends, and watching Netflix. She is not afraid to put hers...

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Haley Guinn

Staff Writer

Haley Guinn is a junior at West High and this is her first year doing Smoke Signals. She is an active member in West High's Advanced Theatre Program, Play Production. She is very passionate about musical theatre, Disneyland, creativi...

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Abril Antonini

Staff Writer

Abril Antonini is a Sophomore at West. She enjoys creative writing and is a part of the West High drill team. She has been dancing for 5 years, loves animals, and nature. Abril's goal is to  be a zoologist in the future.

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Christine Nguyen

Staff Writer

Christine Nguyen is a freshman staff writer for Smoke Signals. She enjoys listening to music, reading, and dancing. She plays tennis as well as the piano in her spare time.

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Jeff Grundy

Staff Writer

Jeff Grundy is a junior staff writer for Smoke Signals. It is his first year on staff. He is a news junkie and enjoys reading in his spare time. His life goal is to become an editor for the Washington Post.

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Danielle Perea

Staff Writer

Danielle Perea is a freshman staff writer for Smoke Signals. She loves learning, music, and astronomy. In her space time, she plays tenor saxophone and practices photography.

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Ashley Kang

News Editor

Ashley Kang is a senior at West High School and the News Editor for Smoke Signals.  She is passionate about the environment, and hopes to study it further in college.  She enjoys hummus, avocados, Harry Potter, and reading....

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Todd Potter

Sports Editor

Todd Potter is the Smoke Signals sports editor this year. He is a senior and this is his second year on the Smoke Signals staff. He really enjoys writing, especially poetry.  He is also interested in social justice issues, suc...

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Barbara Lopez

Entertainment Editor

Barbara Lopez is a senior at West and is the Entertainment Editor for Smoke Signals. She enjoys film, music, and making new friends.

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Ysabella Atehortua


Bio: Ysabella Atehortua is a Senior at West High school and has been in Journalism for three years now. Her passion is environmental studies and hopes a prominent member of the field in her future.

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Rachel Kim


Rachel Kim is the Editor-in-Chief for Smokes Signals. When she is not playing volleyball for West High or writing/editing articles for Smokes, she is probably watching Degrassi or sleeping. She also enjoys hummus like Ashley ...

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