Team Europe Defeats World in 2018 Laver Cup

Courtesy of Daily Express

Courtesy of Daily Express

Aleeza Adnan, Staff Writer

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The final for the Laver Cup took place in Chicago on September 23. The Laver Cup is an annual tennis tournament between Team Europe and Team World over the span of three days of singles and doubles matches. Team Europe claimed the victory with a score of 13-8.

  The Laver Cup is a distinct tennis tournament due to its short duration and format of top tennis players playing against one another, many of whom would not play each other otherwise since matches are played at a regional level.

  “I think having a legend, Bjorn Borg, sitting on the bench and having Roger [Federer] and the other guys supporting you after every single point, standing up and cheering you on, and having John McEnroe on the opposite bench, you know, [it is] quite unique,” said Novak Djokovic, a European tennis player who is currently ranked third.

  Bjorn Borg led Team Europe and John McEnroe captained Team World.

  Entering the final day, Team Europe had a lead by 7-5 and needed two more wins to defeat Team World. Team World won the first doubles match with John Isner and Jack Sock defeating European players Alexander Zverev and Roger Federer. This victory brought Team World at a lead with 8-7.

  Federer and Isner returned for a singles match in which Federer took the win for Team Europe, bringing them to a lead of 10-8.

  Zverev won the next match against Kevin Anderson from Team World, scoring a grand total of 13 points that would announce Team Europe victorious.

  Fans of Europe were ecstatic about the win, like Michael Toth (11) who stated, “I was rooting for Team Europe to win, because of the skills players like Federer possess.”

  The European team and their fans cheered in excitement as Zverev scored the winning point. The team celebrated the consecutive Laver Cup win for two years.

  Having watched the tournament, Saron Beraki (11) expressed, “I expected the European team to win due to their experience, but this year, the World Team did increase pressure on Europe and it [was not] an easy win for them.”

  Both Team Europe and Team World will return next year for the third annual Laver Cup. It will take place in Geneva, Switzerland on September 20th to the 22nd.

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