West Volleyball Wins Against Saxons

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West Volleyball Wins Against Saxons

Anoushka Gupta, Staff Writer

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    On April 12, West High Warriors Boys Volleyball team had a home game against the North Torrance Saxons and won with a final score of three sets to one.

    The game started out badly for Torrance, who ended up messing up their first return. The rest of the first set remained in West’s favor as they quickly gained the lead and ended up winning 25-17.

    Setter Jordan Yee (10) was surprised by their early wins and saw them as a hopeful sign for the rest of the game saying, “I had had trouble connecting with one of our best hitters during practice, but we were actually able to work really well together during the game, so I knew that we had a chance of winning.”

   However, in the second set, West’s volleyball team lost the first two points. The North team kept their lead for much of the second set, at one point leading 10-5. However, the West team was able to come back and was able to catch up to North, tying the second set 12-12. This comeback was not enough and North once again took the lead, gaining five points in a row and ultimately taking the set.

   In the third set, West was able to slowly inch up to a lead at 13-7. The slow lead ended up becoming a complete domination of the set and after a series of spikes, West won against North with a final score of 25-17.

    In the fourth set, North fought hard to try and take back the set, but West once again dominated, winning both the set and the game.

   The Warriors played well against the Saxons on Thursday, which excited junior varsity member, Patrick Huang (10), who said, “Against Torrance, we actually played quite a lot better. Our starting players were struggling a little to click together during the previous practices, but on court, everything managed to fall together, despite missing quite a few serves.”

  This game is a hopeful sign for the Warriors and hopefully their synergy will only increase as the season moves farther along.

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