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Celebrating Cross Country’s Victory

Anna Kim, Staff Writer

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  On Thursday, October 30, the West High Boys Varsity Cross Country team celebrated their CIF State Championship win with a parade. Filled with confetti, people, and laughter, the parade not only celebrated their win, but also the end of their season.

  During the Warrior Workshop period, students, teachers, parents, and kids from Victor Elementary School lined up outside of West to watch the parade take place.  Cars drove down the street including people such as West High’s superintendent, Dr. George Mannon.* Pam Metz, who was West High’s principal last year, and Bill Atkinson, West’s athletic director were also present at the parade. The Torrance Police motorcade and Torrance Fire Department made an appearance, along with West’s marching band, drill team, and cheerleaders during the parade. In order to recognize the seniors, freshmen, sophomore, and junior runners in Cross Country walked in a group before varsity, carrying portraits of the senior boys.

  Cross country member, Nehme Awad (11), said, “I thought it was another one of Coach Druten’s crazy ideas that would never happen. When he actually began to go through with [the plan] though, I was not surprised at all. It was amazing to finally see the hard work pay off.”

  Near the end of the parade, the cross country team arrived riding in a double-decker bus, wearing matching gray CIF State Champion t-shirts and caps. As they made their way down the street, they blasted confetti in the air with confetti cannons. Coach Druten gave a small speech towards the end of the parade about each member on varsity and how they contributed to the team.

  A senior on Cross Country, Ted Johnson (12), expressed, “It was nice to have all of the seniors up [on the bus] even though not everyone is on varsity. It showed how cross country is a team sport and every member helped contribute to the success of the team.”

  The parade also helped to celebrate West High’s big accomplishment of winning a state championship in cross country for the first time in the school’s history.

  Junior Varsity runner, Niccolo Esquivelzeta-Sohn (11), said, “At first, I thought the parade was completely unnecessary and exaggerated, but then I realized that we deserved it for our accomplishments.”

  After the parade, Coach Druten held a competition of making a video about the parade and posting it on Youtube. The first place winner would get $150 and the second place winner would get $75. On Monday, it was announced that Kristina Kuewa (11) and Savannah Starr (10) won first place and David Montefalcon (12) won second place for their Youtube videos highlighting the events of the parade.

  While their season has ended, their impact on West High will continue to live on. Congratulations to the Boys Cross Country team for a successful season this year.


*Correction: December 7, 2017

An earlier version of the article stated that Pam Metz was West High’s superintendent. She is not the superintendent and I meant to say both the school superintendent, Dr. George Mannon, and Pam Metz were present at the parade.

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The School Newspaper of West High School
Celebrating Cross Country’s Victory