West Basketball Outplays South


Smoke Signals / Todd Potter

Todd Potter, Staff Writer

The West High Warriors Boys’ Basketball team beat the South High Spartans Wednesday night at home with the score 76-56, winning their fourth straight league game.

In the first quarter, a large lead was neither built by the Warriors nor the Spartans because they were playing with the same intensity, matching great offense with great defense.

A minute into the second quarter, Warriors guard Justin Hight (11) crashed into one of his teammates as they both attempted to get an interception and force a turnover, injuring himself.  This injury is unfortunate because Hight is one of West’s top rebounders on the team, but his teammates believe that the team will remain competitive.

“The team overall is a very strong team so I think they’ll be fine.  Justin will get through and the team will step up,” said Aska Ames (11).

  After this injury, the Warriors began attacking the rim, provoking Spartan fouls.  The Warriors also held down the Spartans on the defensive side of the court and capitalized on South’s missed scoring opportunities.  By the end of the first half, the Spartans had committed 8 fouls and the Warriors were winning 35-20.

  In the third quarter, the Warriors extended their lead to 21 as they continued to pressure the South defense.  The Warriors displayed intense defense in this quarter, like Jamal Shirzad (12) blocked a Spartan shot, sending the basketball into the stands.

 The pace of the game quickened as the fourth quarter began with a succession of three-pointers and the offense from both teams stepped up their game.  As it unfolded, both teams slowed down and the Warriors held onto their lead. Center Noah Carroll (12) credited this game to the team’s defense.

 “We stopped the main guys from the opposing team so that’s how we won the game.  We won the game with defense.”

  With this great performance against South, the Warriors got closer to qualifying for CIF playoffs.

  Head coach Neal Perlmutter said the team has gotten better over the course of this season but acknowledged that keeping the team’s momentum is all about staying focused.

  “It’s great to be 4 [wins] and 0 [losses] in league.  It’s the fifth game we’ve won in a row, but our motto before every league game is that we want to go 1 and 0 tonight so tomorrow we’ve just got to go back to work and focus.  We’ve got a big game against Leuzinger on Friday so we like the winning streak but we want to take it one game at a time.”

  After this win, the Warriors are taking on the Leuzinger Olympians on Friday at 7:30 away at Leuzinger High School. Be there to support your Warriors.