Volleyball Spikes A Victory

Erica Suh, Staff Writer


   Thirteen qualified varsity girls from West High School’s volleyball team entered the bounds of Phoenix, Arizona. In this foreign arena, the dedicated team prepared to prove their firm commitment and devotion towards the sport by planning to rank in the Nike Tournament of Champions during the weekend of October 18th. Most had even missed the school’s Homecoming for the chance to demonstrate their strong capabilities.

  West High’s varsity volleyball was one of the lucky high school teams that were invited to join and participate in this enormous event, which included other schools from all over America, including Alaska. Not only was the game crucial to their positions and ranks, but college scouts were also encouraged to observe those who seem to have extensive potential in the sport. With at least six different divisions and over ten schools in each division, the girls knew they were in for a continuous competition.

Fortunately, the girls of our team were pampered with a triple A, four diamond hotel in order to fully rest before the spirited tournament. When asked about how she felt before the start of the competition, Sini White (11) replied, “I was extremely pumped and excited for the game. Especially with the water park at our hotel, we had a lot of chances to bond with each other. Going to Arizona really let the team unite and effectively work together. Saying a small prayer and playing a silly game helped us to gear up before the match. Although playing on varsity is a little nerve-wracking, I was definitely energized and it was a lot of fun.” Luckily, these tiny acts of team support led these warriors to victory.

  Amazingly, the girls ranked third place in their division. Savannah Caceres (11) described their emotions afterwords by stating, “We were so happy and in such high spirits, mainly because the team that we had to beat to place already won on the first day, so it almost felt like sweet revenge. This was a really great game. I’m so proud of all of us and our positivity.” They were even able to take home a special plaque to acknowledge their achievements.

  After a weekend of efficient team bonding and great success, the volleyball players were able to come back with a better perspective and outlook on their team. Although Rebecca Horton (12) was unable to attend, she felt positive about the girls’ performance, saying, “I was very excited about us trying a new path that helped the girls be more closer and supportive of each other. I certainly knew that they would have a successful weekend and I wish more than anything that I could have been there with them.” With confidence, all of the girls expectantly look into their future competitions.