Bethesda Fails to Deliver Promises On Their Newest Game

Courtesy of Gamerant

Courtesy of Gamerant

Dominic Herrera, Staff Writer

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On November 14th, Bethesda Game Studios launched the most recent installment in their long running Fallout video game series. However, reception has been harsh, with many fans disliking the game and critics attacking the flaws in the game, such as numerous bugs, glitches, and gameplay.

  With high disapproval rates among fans and critics, Bethesda’s problems only got worse when people who preordered the deluxe edition of the game were given a bag that was made of low quality nylon rather than the promised canvas bag. When fans asked Bethesda about the product they receiving an inferior product, Bethesda announced, “Due to unavailability of materials, we had to switch to a nylon carrying case in the Fallout 76:Power Armor Edition.”

  However, many popular Youtube and social media stars who create content relating to the Fallout series that preordered the game were given the coveted canvas bag.

  In response, people who had preordered the Power Armor Edition of Fallout 76 were given 5 U.S. dollars worth of in-game currency, leading to further enragement from the fanbase.

  Luke Altenberg (9), a fan of the Fallout series who had purchased Fallout 76 expressed his worry over the situation, stating, “I think people outside of preordering [Fallout 76] should be worried because it shows Bethesda might not live up to their promises.”

  In response to all of the controversy, Bethesda could be facing a class action lawsuit. Migliaccio & Rathod LLP law firm has taken the burden in handing Bethesda the lawsuit, with allegations of refusing refunds and to people who had purchased the Power Armor Edition of Fallout 76.

  When asked if Bethesda could make up for their mishaps and the poor quality of Fallout 76, Roger Barnes (9), a longtime fan of the Fallout series said “As long as [Bethesda] lives up and keeps their promises, they can because they have a great history with previous Fallout games.”

  Bethesda has announced on social media their plans to begin production on the bags they had promised to those who preordered the game, although the date of availability is not confirmed.

  With hopes of Bethesda delivering a solid gaming experience and making up for their mistakes dwindling as legal action is closing in on them, the future of Fallout 76 remains worrisome for Bethesda.

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