Tragedy At The Gable House Bowl


Courtesy of eTurboNews

Zachary Meditz, Staff Writer

  On January 5, 2019, there was a deadly shooting at the Gable House Bowl in Torrance at Hawthorne Boulevard. It left four people wounded and three dead.

  According to eyewitnesses, a fight previously broke out inside of the Gable House Bowl, involving about 15 people. Gunfire was reported moments later.

  At a news conference, Chief Eve Irvine of the Torrance Police Department said, “This is a tragic event of major proportions. We’ve never had an incident like this in the city of Torrance. It’s tragic. Three people lost their lives. Four others were shot. This is a life-changing for so many people.”

   Matthew Ponce De Leon (11), a follower of the tragic news, said“It’s shocking for what has transpired. With my parents personally knowing most of the people including the victims it was a terrible thing for everyone involved.”

  The three victims who died were later identified as Michael Radford, Astin Edwards, and Robert Meekins.

 In a statement, California Democrat Representative Maxine Waters said, “This shooting weighs heavily on my heart, as it took place right outside of my district. I would like to thank the Torrance Police Department, first responders, and the staff of the Gable House Bowl for their bravery and response to this incident.”

  In the days after the shooting, there was arrest in the case. The suspect, identified as Reginald Wallace was arrested on January 7th. Wallace is a convicted felon who was on parole at the time of the shooting. Prior to his arrest, Wallace was released from jail in 2017 for assault with a deadly weapon of a firearm. Wallace is being held without bail at the Twin Towers Correctional Facility.

  Wallace’s court hearing on the charges are pending until police have finish conducting their investigation into the shooting at the Gable House Bowl.