Wyoming Hunting Guide Assaulted And Killed By Grizzly Bears

Courtesy of Buckrail

Courtesy of Buckrail

Safia Ahmed, Staff Writer

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On Friday, September 14th, two hunters, Corey Chubon and Mark Uptain, were

caught in an aggressive attack in Wyoming against two grizzly bears.

  Uptain and Chuban were out on a hunt on Thursday in Bridger Teton National Forest, Wyoming. They had shot an elk which they were unable to find until the next day. As they were preparing to pack the deer, they were approached by two large bears who began attacking them contentiously. Chubon was able to grab his pistol; however, the bear had already grabbed Uptain which made it harder to aim.

  Corey Chubon said, “Somehow, the grizzly let me go and charged Mark again, and [that is] when I made the decision to just run for my life.”

  Chubon received many major injuries, but was later rescued by an interagency helicopter. The rescue personnel was unable to locate Uptain, and postponed the search. However, Uptain was found dead the next day.

  Agnella Nkemnji (10) recently found out about this and said, “I think that his death was tragic and it is sad how he passed away doing something he had a great passion for.”

  His death brought an impact towards his family and especially towards Chubon who is still recovering from the attack.

  Pastor Ray McDaniel led Uptain’s sermon at his funeral service and said, “Mark was a man of action, and he tried to live out what he believed, and he did. I believe he [was] a hero.”

  People can support Uptain’s family by donating money to his Go Fund Me page which plans to reach $150,000.


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