Senator Sanders Speaks Out


Courtesy of FiveThirtyEight

Lili Georges, Staff Writer

   Senator Bernie Sanders has not been shy about criticizing Donald Trump and his role in the oval office so far, but this past month Sanders said that the “entire world is watching” for the response of Trump and chief strategist Steve Bannon, in light of anti-semitic bomb attacks and threats across the United States.

  According to Politico, Sanders says that there has been a rise in anti-semitic rhetoric across the country ever since President Trump was elected. Jewish Community Center’s, or JCC’s, are communal cities for Jews and non-Jews across the country. Yet starting in January and continuing into this month, bomb threats directed at JCC’s have occurred, the latest of them being last Monday. CNN reports that, “more than 80 Jewish Community schools and centers are being targeted, with 100 threats made so far.”

  A Jewish man was arrested after allegedly making a series of bomb threats to these Jewish Community Centers and schools. A dual citizen, the 19 year old is also reported to have made other bomb threats in New Zealand and Australia.

  Trump addressed the issue during his speech to Congress, where he stated that even though we may be a nation divided on policies, “we are a country that stands united in condemning hate and evil in all of its very ugly forms.”

  Apoorva Kotaru (11) believes that Sanders is justified in calling Trump out on his lack of representation for the Jewish people, saying, “I think Trump needs to acknowledge the attacks that have been happening, because otherwise nothing will get better for not only the Jewish community but other minorities as well.”

  After the White House did not give a statement in recognition of Jews on White House International Holocaust Remembrance Day, Sanders regarded the event as “rather extraordinary.” According to Politico, Sanders emphasized the importance behind Trump’s position in the country and the world, saying, “What has always been the function of the president, is to bring us together, not divide us.”