Under the Bright Lights: Fall Dance Showcase


Lili Georges, Staff Writer

  Last Wednesday, West High’s Intermediate and Advanced Dance hosted their annual Fall Dance Showcase. The dance department performed in front of a large crowd, their hard work obvious in the intricate dances, loud music, and cheers from family and friends.

Advanced dancers taught intermediate pieces over a one week time frame at the beginning of September in preparation for the showcase. Intermediate performed both solos and group dances. Michael Villegas (10) and Rylee Shiroma (10) received love from the crowd and fellow dance team members when performing Britney Spears’ “Toxic,” because of their enthusiasm and energy while on stage.

Both Advanced and Intermediate were determined to work hard, but also made time for fun in between dances. Tiffany Hoang (11) describes, “I enjoyed bonding with the other dance members backstage since the friendships I gained through dance are unforgettable.” Preston Young (11) felt that seeing his close friends dancing on stage was something truly special to experience. He said, “seeing them dance brought out an entirely different, yet positive personality that I never get to see much.”

Advanced Dance was given the option to create any genre of dance with a partner, or perform a piece on their own. Team member, Zoe Matthews (12) performed a piece to “Let’s Have A Kiki,” gaining cheers from the crowd. Hannah Lee (11) and Sheena Uchino (10) choreographed “To My Parents,” emphasizing love and pain through their facial expressions. Layal Aryan (11), who was extremely impressed by their pieces, explains, “My favorite moments of the show was whenever Advanced Dance was performing.”

West High’s dance department will be having showcases in January and May in case you missed this past one.