The Death of a Jaguar


Rachel Kim, Staff Writer

Friday the 13th was a dismal day for a lot of people. There were the passing of a Jefferson Middle School seventh grader, the terrorist and suicide bombings in Paris and Baghdad, and an earthquake, and hurricane in Japan and Mexico.

According to Bri Mena (9), an exchange student from India passed last Friday. Mena said, “I only know that during P.E., he had to run a mile and became nauseous.” Other sources said that he was immediately instructed to lay down in the nurse’s office after the run.

Shortly after, John Doe suffered from a seizure. This led to a heart attack and later, he passed in the hospital. There is more information on the passing of the boy, however the information is classified for the privacy of his parents.

Former Jefferson student, Madelynn Robison (10), heard about the news and said, “I didn’t know him personally, but it’s heartbreaking that he died, especially because he was so young and probably had a lot of friends.” Robison heard, following the death, there was a memorial service that was held at JMS to commemorate the boy. Friends and loved ones of the student brought flowers, candles, stuffed animals, and posters to display on the JMS fence that surrounds the school.

The death has taken a toll on many fellow Jaguars. One Jaguar took charge to create an Instagram page under the name of @prayforjms. The account was made to show support and love to their friend. On the Instagram bio, it says to tag #prayforjms on pictures in regards of the boy and to send nice messages to be shared on the feed.

One Jaguar, who goes by the name @_.angela._2, commented, “From all the events that happened yesterday, he will always be in my heart, no matter if I knew him or not.” The account has reached many students in just under four days time, whether they go to JMS or not, and has received over 200 pictures in tags to support the student.

On top of the memorial service and Instagram page, this past Monday, people were encouraged to wear black in order to show respect to their friend’s death.

The boy would have been enrolled to West High in two years. Now he is somewhere else, but he will always be a Warrior.