Honey’s Natural Market

Honey’s Natural Market

Issa Sy, Staff Writer

Honey’s Natural Market is an independent, natural convenience store established its first branch in Torrance near West High School.

Already open to public, the store doesn’t carry the typical, healthy foods in an everyday market.  They’re all about selling only natural, organic, non-GMO (genetically modified organism, which is in a majority of the products in the country), and anti-preservative products.

“People should have the right to know [what’s in the products].  When they started to have those kinds of products come out, they don’t label it in their ingredients; they still label it regular corn or canola,” said Stephanie Hong, founder of Honey’s Natural Market.  It is important to know what is in the products we use, which is why she created a store completely stocked with a vast selection of non-GMO products.

Honey’s Natural Market sells a variety of goods other than all-natural foods, including vitamins, beauty products, and body care necessities.  Well-known organic brands can be spotted throughout the store, but mainly independently-owned brands will be seen on the shelves.

“We are pretty price competitive.  In our business, we usually go around the neighborhood and see what other people are selling things for…that way we are not too high on anything,” said Hong.  Being a small, new convenience store, they will not be carrying large quantities of a specific merchandise compared to a bigger store.  Because of this, the prices may be slighter higher or lower, depending on the item.

“We don’t have a private label yet.  We may in the future.  Our [products] are going to be more from independently sourced companies…brands from the natural food independent retailers,” said Hong.

This is not another Trader Joe’s or Whole Foods store.  Honey’s Natural Market plans to reach out to the neighborhood and students from schools nearby.  This is a perfect place to stop by after school for a healthy snack or drink while being educated about healthy, organic, non-GMO products and their importance in life.  In addition, there’s a “Sharing Is Caring” card that gives you 20% off your total purchase. If you’re looking to change your eating habits for the better, check out Honey’s for a great head start.