Charming Choral Concert

Charming Choral Concert

Maya Klinenberg, Staff Writer/ Artist

   Wednesday, December 18, 2013: two days away from Winter Break, and also the day of the Winter Choral Concert! West High students, parents, and friends alike piled into the Pavilion at 7:30 p.m. to support the fabulous singers. Let’s hear from some performers as well as guests about how the Winter Choral Concert went.

  First up was Aristocracy singer Brittany Minnis-Lemley (12). When asked if the concert was better or worse than past years, she replied, “It’s always different because the people are always changing, but I think the concert this year went really well. We went in more prepared than we have been in past years and everyone performed very nicely.” Lemley continued about her favorite performances by stating, “I really enjoyed the song ‘Jing-a-ling Jing-a-ling’ because of how fun it was to sing, but I think the choir as a whole did really well on ‘O Mangum Mysterium’ and ‘Heaven Rejoices.'”

  Natalie Fleming (11), fellow Aristocracy member alongside Lemley, opined, “I feel that all the choirs have done better than years before, especially Aristocracy. Our tone is the best it’s been in years. Aristocracy had fewer mistakes than last year because we have been working harder. We have sectionals every Tuesday and the soprano section has a better work ethic than last year.” Not only is their singing improving, but their work ethic is as well. Fleming continued, “My favorite song was probably ‘Whatcha Gonna Bring For Christmas’ because of the two boys solos. They are just amazing. I also had a solo in the first song ‘Heaven Rejoices Tonight’ so that was one of my favorites too.”

  Singer Nicole Duckworth (12) somewhat disagreed with Lemley, saying, “I think parts of it were better than other years and parts were worse than other years.” However, Duckworth continued, “I loved watching Aristocracy. They are just so amazing and it inspires me to keep singing.”

  According to the performers and the audience, the concert was a hit. Singers improved, practiced more, and the soloists sang beautifully. Congratulations to all of the talented singers at the Winter Choral Concert.