South Korea: The Kore of Tourism

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South Korea: The Kore of Tourism

Courtesy of Triba East

Courtesy of Triba East

Courtesy of Triba East

Courtesy of Triba East

Jamie Park, Staff Writer

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Spring break is over and in the blink of an eye, summer vacation will be at the tip of our noses. With two months of school-free days, summer vacation is the perfect moment to seize a trip to Korea.

  Although South Korea is significantly smaller than California, two months hardly provides enough time to visit all the tourist sites. However, have no fear! With this small map-out of the best tourist places in the top five most populated cities in Korea, you can pick your favorite places to go within the time you decide to spend in Korea!


  • Seoul


  Seoul, the capital of South Korea, is bustling with shopping malls and aesthetic restaurants. However, according to the U.S. News, the best places to go in Seoul are…


  • The N Seoul Tower


  Formally known as Namsan Tower, the N Seoul Tower used to a warning beacon during the Joseon Dynasty. Taking a tram up to the tower, you can see the sparkling city lights at night. Surrounding the Tower are different attractions, including a fence to put locks with your significant other and a teddy bear museum.


  • Lotte World


  Living in Southern California where all amusement parks are located outside, it is easy to get sunburnt, and walking around drenched in sweat is not a comfortable experience. Welcome to Lotte World: the largest indoor amusement park in South Korea. Although there are some attractions outside, most of the rides and diners are inside a huge building, which means no need to worry about the rain, wind, scorching sun, or the blasting humidity of the Korean summer.


  • Busan
  • The Sea Life Aquarium


  Being near the coast, the Sea Life Aquarium is one of the largest aquariums in South Korea that include an outdoor theme park and a chance to scuba dive with sharks. The three underground levels provide various sights and places to dine.


  • Oryukdo Skywalk


  The Oryukdo Skywalk is a saddle-shaped glass bridge built around the edge of the cliff. The clear floors allow people to see the waves crash onto the shore by looking down at the bottom of their feet. Straight ahead, the Daemado Island can be seen on bright sunny days.


  • Gyeongju
  • Bulguksa Temple


  The Bulguksa Temple, located on a mountain called Tomhasan, is one the oldest Buddhist temple. Although the only original pieces of the temple are the pagodas and the foundation, the rest of the temple was reconstructed to look exactly like the original.


  • Cheomseongdae Observatory


  The Cheomseongdae Observatory is one of the most ancient astronomical places people can visit. The 9.17 meter stone observatory was used for weather forecast back in the days of Queen Seon-deok.


  • Suwon
  • Mr. Toilet House


  Mr. Toilet House is a museum is full of the silliest, wackiest things of South Korea, hence the name. With an entire section dedicated to poop, Mr. Toilet House is a fun experience waiting to happen.


  • Korean Folk Village


  Created to resemble a village from the olden days, the Korean Folk Village in Suwon is filled with culture and heritage. If you want, you can also rent a hanbok, Korean traditional clothes, at a nearby hanbok store to walk around the village.


  • Incheon
  • Spasis


  Despite being a small port city, Incheon holds the largest jjimjjilbang (Korean for “a spa and sauna combined”). With a variety of different baths, Spasis has a movie theater, billiard, restaurants, cave rooms, and swimming pools.


  • Wolmido Island


  Wolmido Island is definitely a place to visit because of the island’s abundance of culture. The streets are lined with seafood restaurants alongside a great view of calming waves across the street. Not only that, go down the Boardwalk to find the Wolmi Amusement Park. Similar to Pacific Park in Santa Monica, this amusement park has many attractions and arcade games.

  South Korea may be small, but it has too many places to visit within a short period of time. The right guide can help you pick out the places you really want to go ensuring the best tourist adventures.

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