A New Teacher Brings New Excitement

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A New Teacher Brings New Excitement

Rebecca Yan, Staff Writer

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   With a new school year, comes brand new teachers. Ms. Ho, the new precalculus teacher describes the transition of adjusting to  a new school, and her interests in teaching.


Q: What subjects do you teach?

A: I teach Precalculus and Algebra 1.


Q: What college did you graduate from? 

A: I graduated from the University of California, Berkeley with a degree in Applied Mathematics, with a concentration in Statistics, and a minor in CalTech- Math Science Education.


Q: How have you liked West so far?

A: I graduated from West High a couple years ago. Therefore, I am very happy to be a teacher at West.


Q: What sparked your interest in teaching?

A: I have always wanted to share my passion with math to others. I love helping.


Q: Are there any difficulties adjusting to a new school and environment?

A: The transition to a full-time position has some troubles, but I am sure with more time and help from fellow teachers, I will be a great part of the faculty of West High.


Q: What do you hope your students will learn and gain by the end of the year?

A: I hope my students will have a deeper and richer understanding [of] math and how to use it in day to day life.


Q: When you were at West High, what sports or clubs did you join?

A: I did not have a chance to join any club because I was really shy.


Q: Lastly, why do you like math?

A: I like math because it uses critical thinking and builds problem-solving skills. Math is all around us and helps us understand the world better.


   With a teacher such as Ms.Ho, someone who will always be there to help and guide, students will be sure to learn and express their love of math with her. 

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