WHS Christmas Spirit Week 2018

Mariam Rizkalla, Staff Writer

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  December 10th through December 14th marked West High School’s Christmas Spirit Week. Starting with fuzzy sock day, to ugly sweater day, all the way to cozy day and sports day, and finally ending with a Choir performance, Spirit Week filled the school with Christmas spirit. On top of that, the powderpuff game took place on Thursday, ending with Gold Rush’s 1-0 victory against The Heat.

  Julia-Jane Yonga (10), a football fan who attended the powderpuff game, shared her experience saying, “I had so much fun [at the game] because I was able to relax and connect with my friends. The school should do more similar activities because they build up school spirit. It [is] exciting to see your friends play on the field or cheer on the sidelines as such.”

  Although the game was to allow the students to have a good experience, many complained about the food cancellation, saying that the school did not have a reasonable motive behind it. Most students who attended the game said that the food component would have added a lot to their experience and would have also attracted a lot more students as they had seen in previous years.

  In spite of these complaints, students reported extreme satisfaction with the time and preparation that went into these events and the vast majority suggested that they should be held more often.

  Sandy Youssef (10), a strong supporter of school spirit days, said, “Spirit days are a needed change in our school routine. With everything that [is] going on in and out of school, it [is] very easy for students to get stressed and disconnected from each other. Changing things up makes our learning environment healthier and more interesting.” Sandy also suggested a crazy hair day if more spirit days were to be added soon.

  The week would not have been nearly as perfect if it had not ended with a Friday holiday movie night showing “Elf,” hosted by the West High School Drill team in the gym. The night included popcorn and a Drill performance that shook the gym and lit it with cheer and excitement.

  With all the work that the students manage throughout the year, spirit days help to relieve stress and allow students to have fun.

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