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C-OPS: Your GO To Game

Jamie Park, Staff Writer

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  Critical Ops, otherwise known as C-OPS, is a engaging shooting game. It was created by Critical Force Entertainment on August 14, 2015 through Facebook. The popular game soon hit the App Store on May 2, 2016.

  Like the game Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS-GO), C-OPs is a first person shooting game with different game modes, teams, and several guns to choose from. The two modes are defuse and deathmatch.

  Defuse is a multiplayer game where players choose one of the two teams: terrorist or counter-terrorist. The purpose of terrorists is to plant a bomb (given to a randomly selected player), while the purpose of counter-terrorists is to kill all the terrorists and defuse the bomb, if planted. The game ends once a team reaches thirteen points first.

  Harrison Kwon (10) played this game for a couple months. Regarding the defuse mode, Kwon stated, “I like to play defuse because it’s more competitive and a lot more pressuring.”

  Deathmatch is another multiplayer game mode. However, after choosing their teams, players get a chance to revive multiple times after dying within a span of 7 minutes. After 7 minutes, the team with the most kill wins.

  Nathaniel Bryant Smith (9) is one of the many players who enjoy playing deathmatch. He said, “I like to play deathmatch because the guns don’t cost [game] money, you get to respawn after dying, and there’s a longer playing time.”

  The types of guns range from pistols to snipers. Depending on which subcategory players choose from, they have more options. The most commonly used guns are the P90 (a submachine gun) and the AK-47 (an assault rifle).

  Other features on C-OPS are comment sections in games where opponents can converse with each other, and a separate chat room for just the teammates to plan their move. Missions are given everyday to not only motivate players to play but to help earn credits, that can be used to purchase gun skins.

  Unlike CS-GO, C-OPS has 5 big rooms to choose from, more skins to buy, and have extremely detailed graphics. The Critical Force Entertainment is planning to add more game modes, hoping it would further differ from CS-GO. However, there are no exact dates on when the extra game modes will be achieved.

  Overall, Bren Canela (12) recommends this game to everyone. He said, “C-OPS is fun for many reasons: it’s a great time-passer, an amazing alternative to games you have to pay for, and you can play with your friends.”

  C-OPS is available at the app store for free on all phones (and online for those who like to play PC games).

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Jamie Park, Staff Writer

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C-OPS: Your GO To Game