West High Theatre Presents “Nooses Off”

Instagram: @westhightheater

Instagram: @westhightheater

Sanskriti Adigal, Staff Writer

  On Tuesday, November 14, the West High School Theatre Department performed their annual fall play, “Nooses Off.”

  Best described as a comedic parody of “Noises Off” by Michael Frayn, the play centered around the cast of an amateur theatre company as they all struggled to prepare for the opening night of their show.

  The play centered around 15 main actors and actresses from Play Production: Sarah Geltz (12) as Lila, Nicolo Esquivelzeta (11) as Jake, Elijah Villongco (11) as Obo, Hannah Navarro (12) as Brenda, Haley Guinn (11) as Mary, Jacob Batory (12) as Tristan, James Garrity (12) as Arnold, Riley Sigler (12) as Kaylie, Sydney Stogryn (11) as Taylor, Nikki Mackenzie (11) as Sammy, Cat Rojo (12) as Masha, Emilee Barnard (11) as Eleanor,  Zachary Allen (10) as Steve, and lastly Hannah Harrison (12) as Millie.

   Every character encompasses a unique attribute and persona as they rehearsed for a performance, whilst handling several disruptions backstage including romantic encounters, angry producers, unrehearsed scripts, and even a voodoo doll.

   Staged as two separate acts, the audience viewed  the performance from both an onstage and offstage point of view.

   Sydney Stogryn, playing the over-obsessive girlfriend to Steve, stated, “It was a lot of hard work staging the whole play because there is so much going on all at once. There is almost no time for a break backstage and everyone is just running around getting ready for their next entrance.” She added, “We all really have to communicate with each other to make our scenes the best they can possibly be. Our director always tells us to push the envelope with our character because that’s what kind of show it is.”

  Riley Sigler, who played the role of Kaylie, also described the difficulties encountered.

   “I’d say the hardest part for me is staying in character onstage and not cracking up at my scene partners.”

  The play was performed on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday at 7:00 P.M in the Scarletta Theatre. Keep your heads up for the Spring Musical!