The Late Fanger


Issa Sy, Staff Writer

Premiered on September 25th, Hotel Transylvania came back with another great plot twist which displayed what most of society fears and fails to see today – acceptance.

This animated comedy film stars Dracula, voiced by Adam Sandler, trying to balance his morals as a true vampire and fully accepting his grandson who may be more than half-human.  

After embracing his daughter Mavis’s human true love, Johnny into the monster world.  “Conflicts over parenting styles and bits about out-of-touch oldsters ensue,” said Glenn Kenny, The New York  He not only welcomes him but his family and other humans into his hotel as well.  

Shortly after the wedding, Mavis gets pregnant with their baby boy, Dennis, who Dracula promises to love whether he’s a vampire, unicorn, or human.  Secretly, Dracula stills hopes that Dennis turns out to be a vampire just like Mavis and himself.

Vampires have until the age of five to grow their fangs.  With Dennis’s birthday coming up, Drac needs to act fast before time runs out.  As an open-minded parent, Mavis plans to move to Johnny’s hometown in California to raise Dennis with a normal life assuming his vampire genes have been overpowered.  This pressures Drac to connive with Johnny (who also doesn’t want to leave Transylvania) to send the couple off on a trip to California leaving Dennis at the Hotel to inconspiculously force his vampire side to surface.

The mission of the late fanger didn’t run as smoothly as Drac thought it would. With his trusty monster friends by his side, he attempts to show Dennis what real monsters are like, but fail miserably due to being out of shape.  However, Mavis soon finds out about their secret plan and rushes back to the Hotel, disappointed in her father’s actions.  

Dracula and his monster-hotel cohorts are still struggling to accept others’ differences in Hotel Transylvania 2,’’ said Nick Schager,

The story teaches the audience about accepting change, but most importantly that your family always having your back even when you didn’t think they would in the first place.

Sandler is one of those people you’d love to hate. “Your kids will love ‘Hotel Transylvania 2’ and you’ll like it, too; enough that if you hate Adam Sandler, you won’t hate him quite as much after you see it,” said David Blaustein, ABC  And Adam Sandler does it again!