Kara Hoover: From West High to UCLA

Clara Chin, Staff Writer

Kara Hoover, former West High School student and CSF president, dreamed about going to University of California Los Angeles since her freshman year in high school. After four years of hard work and determination, Hoover is now a freshman at UCLA.

“Not only is UCLA amazing academically, but the athletics and the social life here are awesome as well. Plus the campus is absolutely stunning…so it was kind of a no-brainer that UCLA was the school for me,” she said.

Hoover is majoring in Psychology and considering a minor in Labor Relations. Continuing her involvement in community service, she participates in Circle K International, a volunteer organization at UCLA similar to Key Club at West High. In addition to studying for her classes and doing community service, Hoover spends her free time attending football, basketball, and volleyball games with her friends. Hoover also plays on one of several UCLA dodgeball teams that compete against each other.

Since she is participating in extracurricular activities and rigorous classes, it is difficult to balance her time. “I have had to learn how to stay on top of all my classes and actually study, instead of just cramming the night before,” said Hoover.

Getting accustomed to the daily schedule is not the only new change for Hoover. “Adjusting to the quarter system in which each quarter is only ten weeks…is my most significant adjustment,” she said. Teachers give midterms anywhere between the third and eighth week, so there is no time to fall behind.

Being in an environment with new peers and teachers is another significant change. Hoover said, “What I miss the most about West High is definitely the people. Also, I had some truly phenomenal teachers at West High who I am forever grateful for having.”

Though Hoover misses West, she said, “My two months at UCLA have been the greatest months of my life and I couldn’t have asked for a more perfect school.”