Spongebob Creator Passes Away

Courtesy of El Periodico

Courtesy of El Periodico

Safia Ahmed, Staff Writer

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  Stephen Hillenburg, the creator of the hilarious Nickelodeon TV series ‘Spongebob Squarepants’ had passed away on November 26 at the age of 57. Hillenburg announced that he had ALS, or amyotrophic lateral sclerosis in March.

  ALS is a disease where the muscles weaken and the nerve cells decompose which leads to the feeling of having ‘no muscles.’ This disease abates the diaphragm which is a substantial muscle needed to support the lungs. The main symptom of ALS is having trouble breathing.

  Hillenburg was a marine biology teacher who admired the art of the ocean. He began to produce cartoons, Spongebob being one of those. He had directed Spongebob in 1999, but as more children and many adults began watching the cartoon grew in popularity. This entertaining cartoon was soon composed through primetime television, it became a million dollar franchise.

  Chloee Collins (11) had recently heard of the death of Hallenburg, she said “I have been watching Spongebob ever since I was a child. The TV series made me laugh and gave me a break from school and brought happiness when I was experiencing bad days. When I found out about Hillenburgs passing I was sad, but glad that he is finally in peace.”

  Hillenburg created Spongebob to inspire children and adults. He proved that both carry many similarities than one must assume.

  Rafia Khan (12) admired Hallenburg she said. “The show held a great influence towards my life. I learned about friendship and how being positive is the key to life. I was very sad to hear the passing of Stephen, I wish I could have thanked him for such an amazing show, a show that made me laugh my head off. I made some great memories because of him.”

  Watching Spongebob has helped and inspired many. Hillenburg’s sense of imagination has impacted millions of childhoods. By his passing, the world can learn to become more aware of the people around us and how they influence us indirectly.




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