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Editorial: The Israeli Question

Jonathan Choi, Co-News and Opinion Editor

November 1, 2012

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On October 24th, approximately eighty or more rockets were fired into Israeli border. Hamas, an anti-Israeli terrorist group based in Syria claimed responsibility for the attack. According to The Bulletin, the attack was “t...

Rivals Discuss Terrorism and Plans for Future

Connor Ji, Staff Writer

September 26, 2012

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On September 11, 2012, both Mitt Romney and President Barack Obama expressed their sorrow for those who lost their lives during the attacks eleven years ago. It should be noted that each of these two candidates used the opportuni...

How To Solve Trolling: West High’s Kyptonite

Grant Torre, Assistant Editor-in-Chief

May 6, 2012

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In today's world, any individual regardless or age, race, or credibility, can take to the Internet to voice their opinions eternally hidden by the world-wide-web's veil of anonymity. While the freedom of speech has been ever valued...

3rd Time’s a Charm…or a Burden

Kiana Schmitt, Staff Writer

March 7, 2012

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   Freshman year is a breeze.  Sophomore year is a blur.  As for junior year, it is a major burden. Filled with AP testing, SAT/ACT preparation, and college contemplation, one can easily see why the common perception of ju...

School Uniforms: A Perfect Solution

Carly Saber, Staff Writer

February 21, 2012

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When students hear the phrase “school uniforms” they are immediately filled with anger. The idea of wearing khaki pants and a hideously colored polo with their school insignia scares students into believing that they are becoming...

Four-Day School Weeks: Pro or Con?

Carly Saber (Pro) Chika Ojukwu (Con), Staff Writers

January 20, 2012

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PRO A four-day school week is something that would greatly benefit students. With shorter weeks class days would have to be longer in order to keep up with the required learning hours per week given by the state. However, ...

Why You Should Re-think a Re-vote for Obama

Kiana Schmitt, Staff Writer

January 17, 2012

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   On the night of December 31st, 2011, you were most likely celebrating the arrival of the new year by enjoying a dazzling fireworks display, throwing a party with friends, or simply relaxing at home in anticipation of the...

Christmas Lights: Festive, but Squandering Our Electricity and Money

Kiana Schmitt, Staff Writer

December 16, 2011

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In the South Bay, there is one thing you can always count on seeing during the month of December: suburban houses generously adorned with Christmas lights.  These rows and rows of brightly-lit, multicolored bulbs merrily dangling...

Editorial: Classism and Hypocrisy Invade the Occupy Movement

Grant Torre, Assistant Editor-in-Chief

November 22, 2011

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Over the past few weeks, the “Occupy” movement has caught headlines with locations in over 1,500 cities worldwide. These protests stemmed from Occupy Wall Street which began on September 17th, 2011 in New York City. According...

Netbooks, Laptops, or Macs?

Ariel Kimmok, Staff Writer

June 6, 2011

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   Growing up in this age of technology, high school students generally own some type of portable computer. The renowned devices include netbooks, laptops, and Macs. Each one has their own perks and flaws. Which ones do students...

Scholarships for Caucasians?

Grant Torre, Staff Writer

June 6, 2011

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   In today’s tough economic times it is harder than ever to afford college. Students search out scholarship opportunities in the hope that there will be less financial burden upon their family.    Many scholarships offered...

Whose Job is it Anyway?

Hamzah Sami, Staff Writer

May 27, 2011

Filed under Opinion/Editorial

   Early May 1st, Osama Bin Laden, a terrorist who has become infamous for many reasons, was pronounced dead. This news was confirmed by President Barack Obama., who said that the U.S. devised a plan to corner Bin Laden and...

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