First Rally: Introducing the Top 15

October 17, 2014 • Elise Ornelos, Staff Writer  
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Kicking off the first of many, students at West attended the first rally of the year. The gym was filled with spirited students and “it was cool to see almost everyone wearing their class colors with pride.” Chelsea Pearson (12). The rally started off with a bang as the cheerleaders performed to... Read more »

ASB: Room For Improvement

October 15, 2014 • Nicole Rivera, Staff Writer  
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West High’s ASB comes up with announcement videos filled with silly skits and exciting upcoming events as often as once a month. These “promo videos” are meant to inform as well as entertain and are usually anticipated among students; but the first promo video of the year left a lot to be desired. Jae’l... Read more »

Water Conservation Information

October 7, 2014  
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According to Tammy Khan, Public Information Officer of Torrance Unified School District, “Earlier this year, Governor Brown declared a Drought State of Emergency calling on all Californians to reduce water consumption by 20%. In addition, the City of Torrance also has a water conservation program,... Read more »

Gabriel Kreiswirth: A Painted Memory

October 3, 2014 • Elise Ornelos, Staff Writer  
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On September 6, 2014 we lost the beloved teacher, artist, father and grandfather Gabriel Nathan Kreiswirth. He was born on Long Island, New York on November 25, 1935 but later moved to Pasadena. He received a Bachelor’s degree in English at UCLA. Later on he attended California State University of... Read more »

Club Rush a Relative Success

September 29, 2014 • Alyna Kim  
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Club Rush is known to be one of the more exciting events we host on campus, and has been a hot topic since school started. In fact, it left many of the freshmen impressed and in high spirits, as the event showcased West High’s huge number of clubs. “Club Rush was a lot of fun. I had no idea... Read more »

Innovating Since Day One

September 17, 2014 • Gillian Navarro, Staff Writer  
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If you are interested in buying the iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus but you don’t have enough cash, try selling your old iPhone! The first Apple iPhone that came out on June 29, 2007, could now be considered a collector’s item. According to Time, the first generation iPhone had two models in 4GB and 8GB... Read more »

Is Chick-fil-A Gone for Good?

September 17, 2014 • Clara Chin, Staff Writer  
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With Chick-fil-A off the menus at West High School, the lunch line wait may not be so long anymore. Failing to meet federal nutrition standards this year with the Chick-fil-A sandwiches, West High’s cafeterias had no choice but to nix this popular lunchtime option. Ignoring the cookies and chicken... Read more »

Youtube Acquires Twitch

May 23, 2014 • Vincent Chen, Staff Writer  
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   Google’s Youtube team has recently acquired Twitch, a streaming video service website where gamers since 2011 record themselves and their screens playing games, for $1 Billion US Dollars. According to the CEO of Twitch, Emmett Shear, Twitch generates around “45 million unique viewers per month... Read more »

Should Students Have an Incentive for AP Testing?

May 20, 2014 • Cayla Hailwood, Staff Writer  
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  With AP testing coming to an end, students enrolled in AP courses can finally take a break.  However, as fewer students participated in taking their AP exams this year, teachers question ask themselves, “Should they give their students an incentive to take the test?”   AP courses are... Read more »

Apple Buys Beats by Dr. Dre

May 16, 2014 • Noah Choi, Staff Writer  
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  News outlets from USA Today to Forbes are all buzzing about the confirmed talks between Apple and Beats Electronics, for $3.2 billion. While neither company has confirmed the deal, last week a video popped up on the internet showing Beats co-founder, Dr. Dre, seemingly celebrating the acquisition... Read more »

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