• Drama, You Nailed It

    Drama, You Nailed It

    Ysabella Atehortua, Staff Writer

    With references to Justin Bieber’s new album and The Tonight Show, the fall play Romeo, You Idiot received numerous laughs from the audience. It was upbeat, light, and comical, with the occasional scare from thunder. On Wednesday, November 18th, West High’s Play Production had their opening nigh... READ MORE »»

  • What is Healthy Anyway?

    What is Healthy Anyway?

    Madison Kuhlmann, News Editor

      While technology advances the advice on staying healthy is getting less and less clear, so what does it really mean to be healthy? And what should we be doing to maintain our physical wellness?   As someone who does not have some of the best habits this got me thinking. If red meat has the pote... READ MORE »»

  • The Right to Life

    The Right to Life

    Michael Nishida, Sports Editor

       The National Security Agency (NSA) has been heavily ridiculed by the American public as trespassers of an inherent right guaranteed by the Constitution: privacy. The fact that the government had been spying on millions of Americans’ phone conversations right under our noses is actually not as su... READ MORE »»

  • The Death of a Jaguar

    The Death of a Jaguar

    Rachel Kim, Staff Writer

    Friday the 13th was a dismal day for a lot of people. There were the passing of a Jefferson Middle School seventh grader, the terrorist and suicide bombings in Paris and Baghdad, and an earthquake, and hurricane in Japan and Mexico. According to Bri Mena (9), an exchange student from India passed las... READ MORE »»

  • ‘Tis The Season of Giving

    ‘Tis The Season of Giving

    Nicole Rivera, Entertainment Editor

       With the holiday season quickly approaching, people often become overwhelmed with to-do lists, preparations, and last-minute shopping. While those are all important aspects of the holidays, one of the main, if not most valuable, characteristics of this stressful yet joyous season is giving. You se... READ MORE »»

  • West High Soccer Ready For the Kickoff

    West High Soccer Ready For the Kickoff

    Omar Rashad, Staff Writer

    West High School’s Boys’ Soccer Team is ready to fulfill their high objectives, as they are approaching the beginning of the 2015-16 season.   They have proven in the past that they are tough competition, having made it all the way to the quarter-finals of the CIF playoffs last year. Now, ... READ MORE »»

Chipotle E. Coli Found in Oregon

Chipotle E. Coli Found in Oregon

Ysabella Atehortua, Staff Writer

Even if Chipotle is your life, you may want to rethink the next time you get a chicken bowl with guac. This 1,700 branch company has been struggling this week due to an outbreak of...  Read More »

November 14, 2015


Change the Tides Takes Battle of the Bands by Storm

November 12, 2015

ellen article

The Haunting in Room 3100

November 5, 2015

League of Legends

SKTelecom Secures League of Legends Championship

November 3, 2015

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Torrance Makes a Splash Against West Water Polo

Torrance Makes a Splash Against West Water Polo

Ysabella Atehortua, Staff Writer

  On Friday, November 7th, 2015 the West Boys’ Water Polo team had its final game against Torrance. They had trained all season, but came up short in their fina...  Read More »

November 13, 2015

football 10.16.2015

Fighting for Spirit: High School vs. Professional Football

November 2, 2015


Serving Up a Win

October 26, 2015


Warriors Victorious Over Olympians

October 15, 2015

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Pro: World Health Organization Announces Correlation Between Processed Meat and Cancer

Pro: World Health Organization Announces Correlation Between Processed Meat and Cancer

Issa Sy, Staff Writer

Cancer is caused by multiple things, however most cancer patients are known to eat lots of red and processed meat, according to Sarah Boseley, a health editor of the Guardian....  Read More »

November 13, 2015


Con: World Health Organization Announces Correlation Between Processed Meat and Cancer

November 9, 2015


Selena Gomez’s Revival

October 22, 2015


The Late Fanger

October 16, 2015

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